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    Yes, we can  "move it" -  anything to anywhere

National and International freight  Forwarding

                                               In 2012, the Freight Forwarding Company, Geval Service srl, was born from the
twenty year experience of its managers, a private company dedicated to National and International freight forwarding and provision of logistics services, proposing itself as the ideal partner for all types of transport. The constant training of our staff has the aim of providing the greatest professionalism in our
service; culture, kindness and courtesy to enable you to cut a fine figure with your customers .
Today the Freight Forwarder Geval Service srl aims to be a benchmark in transport and international shipping for international carriers and for all companies engaged in commercial exchanges with foreign countries, with special attention given to former Soviet Union countries - especially Russia,
Ukraine , Kazakhstan , Georgia, Azerbaijan , the Balkans and Turkey - but also Brazil, India, China, USA. We organize international land, sea and air transportation worldwide. We also take care of the collection of goods and their storage in our warehouse .
Geval's aim is to create lasting added value for its customers, providing them consistently with trustworthy and immediate products, all this in an atmosphere of integrity and honesty that allows the company to continue prospering in the long term.

About us

For your firm's international freight forwarding, choose the professionalism of Geval Service srl. Contact us now for more information, we will be at your complete disposal to illustrate all our services in the field of Transport and international shipping.

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