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National and International freight  Forwarding





Project Cargo


and out of gauge loads

Large industrial plants and parts for oversize and exceptionally heavy machines have to follow required routes for transportation from one part of the world to another, especially for road transportation from when they leave their place of
manufacture to reach their final destination.
A job that requires the planning of a very complicated shipment , preceded by a long and in-depth analysis of the route to be taken, as well as the choice of lifting and handling equipment, hence the term Project cargo .

Thanks to a highly qualified and competent team as well as collaborating with partners know to have proven experience, Geval Service is able to design and plan the transfer of large industrial projects involved in Plant, Construction and Engineering fields.
A careful study to propose the best solutions for all necessary logistics planning, from the lifting of oversized loads to their transportation by sea, land and/or air.


We provide for:

  • Analysis of the characteristics of the project material

  • Carrying out audits and inspections

  • Study of the routes / itineraries

  • Risk assessments

  • Preparation of logistics implementation plans

  • Lifting plans and engineering of lifting operations

  • Making available special equipment ( low loaders for inland haulage, rentals of flat rack, open top, platforms, cranes ... etc . )

  • Obtaining permits and authorizations

  • Preparation and administration of all necessary documents

  • Follow-up  

Intermodal Transport

Intermodal transport is defined as the transfer of goods from origin to
destination using intermodal transport units (ITU ), making use of two or more modes of transport.

We provide intermodal transport combining road, rail and short-range sea transportation, so as to guarantee our customers competitive transport solutions, as well as protecting the environment.
With combined rail / ferry transportion we make a considerable contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions and transportation costs are also greatly reduced.
One advantage of intermodal rail traffic; 4 tons of payload which can be increased to 28.5 tons of general cargo goods .

Express Shipments

A service of maximum speed and reliability .
We pick up the goods at any hour of the day and leave immediately, so as to offer you a real express service

In just a short time we can make available vehicles for any quantity of goods toall domestic and European destinations. Just as soon as you have an urgent need, all you have to do is to telephone us and we will be able to find the most suitable solution for your problem, providing you with competitive shipping
costs, as well as a good delivery time .
All vehicles of our reliable carriers are equipped with instrumention that provides shipment tracking ( GPS devices), on board telephones, 2kg fire extinguishers , tethering belts , non-slip mats , chains , as well as vehicles with hand pallets on board and equipped with hydraulic tail lifts.

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